Every couple is unique and certainly every Wedding is as well. To keep things simple below you’ll find each option offered by EDLT Photo so you can build your own package! All Weddings include an online gallery of the images and copies of the images via a USB drive.

Photography Time

The first decision and most important is how long we’ll be shooting for. Whether you require a short photo session for the important ceremonial moments or all day coverage we have options for you.

Hours of Photography Price
2 Hours $ 800
4 Hours $ 1,500
6 Hours $ 2,200
8 Hours $ 2,900
10 Hours $ 3,600

Do weddings go longer than 10 hours? Sure they do. Do they also come in Odd numbers, you bet! In most cases if all is going well and we go a little over time I don’t mind doing that extra hour for free.

* Travel time between venues after the start of the wedding start time counts against the “Hours of Photography”.

** In case of long wait times or gaps in the wedding day where no photographing will be done, a reduced rate of $100 per hour will be counted towards those hours. Wait time must be planned for and accounted before the wedding.

Wedding Album

The Fine Art Albums offer a clean and timeless way to preserve your big day. The 12”x12” albums are made from the finest silk, linen and canvas and printed on fine art paper. Did I mention they were fine?

Each album will be designed by Edward De la Torre and the couple will be allowed to request changes before the album is finalized.

Number of pages Price
20 $ 800
30 $ 1100
40 $ 1400

Engagement Session – $400

Not just for wedding invitations the engagement session is an important part in helping couples get comfortable in front of the lens. We spend a few hours at a favorite location capturing beautiful photos and allowing you to get a preview of what it will be like to work together on your Wedding Day.

Engagement Guestbook

As an alternative to the traditional lined wedding guestbook EDLT Photo offers a hardcover lay-flat book that contain photos from the Engagement Session and any photos of the couple that they can would like to include with white space for messages from guests. The fee includes the design and printing of the album. Albums have a maximum of 20 page (40 sides).

Size Price
8×8” Small $ 250
12×12” Large $ 400
8×12” Long $ 350

Set of 4×6” Proof Prints of all Photos – $350

A set of all color corrected images will be printed in 4×6” form. The prints serve a couple of purposes.

While data storage has made leaps and bounds in recent decades, it is not infallible to data corruption over periods of time. Therefore it’s a good practice to print any important photos and have them stored safely away.

Due to the variables involved in viewing images on a variety of devices color rendition, contrast and brightness can vary significantly. Therefore when ordering prints directly from EDLT you’ll have an accurate preview of what the final printed product will look like.